The history of Strand Classics

Our business was founded with the purchase of a í65 Mustang way back in 1981. The restoration of that Mustang was the beginning of a lifelong passion. Back in the 80's family and friends said it was impossible to financially break even fixing up old cars. A year later the company had just hired its fifth employee. The first shop, an old pole barn out in the country was burning the midnight oil and the results were showing up in museums and classic car dealerships across the country. Many a nights and weekends were spent searching the south east for more barn yard jewels. While standing on a hotel balcony late one Friday night, taking in Myrtle Beach's Ocean Boulevard, viewing the chrome, high impact colors and the roar of V8ís inspired the move to a new home on the Grand Strand. By then the muscle car craze was on. Hardcore enthusiasts across the country wanted the solid bodied original cars that were plentiful in the southeast. What they didnít want was the high end prices and the two year wait that all the other shops were offering. Strand Classicís business model was based on Henry Fordís assembly line. Instead of technicians staying on a car from being to end, at Strand Classics the car moves to different stations of specialized technicians. The idea was that some people were better at a particular job than others, so it would only make sense to keep them doing the job they were good at. Some cars received the full frame off treatment, others needed as little as a high end detail. Complete paint, body, interior, mechanical & electrical restorations were being completed as quickly as six to eight weeks. Averages of five cars a week were being shipped all over the world. In the year 2000, 309 cars were shipped out. In early 2001 Strand Classics moved into it present home where we continue our mission statement of building quality affordable classics. With 28 bays in a 24,000 square foot building on five acres of black top, Strand Classics has become one of the largest restoration shops east of the Mississippi. For an old car guy, it truly is a wonderful experience to see our technicians hard at work transforming all those junk yard jewels into your daily drivers and trailer queenís.