New Truck in Showroom & tweaks


The shop truck, a 86 Chevy Silverado, is now up in the showroom. Also the show room page has been edited to hide the details ( as they tend to run long ) with a 'Show / Hide' button. The image links have been spaced to stop an over lapping issue. Also a seperation border has been added between the sections.

Also Sections that are still under construction have had their links hidden while the sections are down.



The archive section, still labeled as 'past cars' has been updated and has had images uploaded to it. The section is still under construction, so formatting is not exact yet.

Navigation & Tweaks


More pictures added to the Showroom, and the Trans AM pictures that loaded under the GTO have been returned to the correct section.

Also the navigation links at the top are now clickable instead of only the text being so.

The update section is added and showing correctly now as well. Check back often for more updates.

Showroom Pictures Added


Pictures have been added to the Showroom. Also there is an issue with how the top navigation loads on Internet Explorer. This will be fixed soon.

Other changes incloude: fixing the sites background ( which is now static ); changing the section titles to make them easier the read; and removing the test gibberish from the sections.

Services & Showroom


The services section has been updated, sections for details has been added. Also the Showroom is open. Listings are still call for further details and pricing, but the section details will be added soon.